How to lose stomach fat?

The internet is full of training plans and dietary advice for men and women that are designed to help you lose weight, but it’s really crucial to follow a few simple tips. Check how to lose your stomach by introducing the necessary eating and training habits into your life. How to lose stomach fat?

Rational reduction

By doing a thousand crunches a day, we can only strengthen muscles (hidden under a layer of fat anyway) or get serious injuries. If you care about an athletic figure, then you need to combine two factors: a reduction diet and appropriate training. Rational weight loss predicts a loss of 0.5 to 1 percent. current body weight during the week. Your menu cannot lack all macronutrients – complex carbohydrates will be provided by rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, cereal and oatmeal, lean protein – poultry, fish and eggs, and healthy fats – olive oil, rapeseed oil, nuts or avocado. Planning your meals throughout the day will help you regulate and speed up your metabolism, and thus help you lose weight.

Limit simple carbohydrates

To lose your stomach, avoid a large amount of simple carbohydrates – but it’s not about you not eating them at all. Simple carbohydrates are especially needed after training, because they supplement muscle glycogen stores and consumed then do not fatten. In addition, they provide good and restful sleep, because they produce serotonin, which makes it easier to fall asleep and calms down. Therefore, it is worth reaching for them during the training period and after training in the evening, before bedtime.

Drink the right amount of water

Do you want to lose your stomach? Just drink water! It is assumed that we should drink about 8 glasses a day, or about 2 liters of liquid. However, there is a fairly important exception to this rule. If you eat more, you also need to provide more water, e.g. with a 2500 kcal diet you should drink 2.5 liters of water a day. There is 1 milliliter of water for 1 kcal.

Choose mineral water, but watch out for high sodium content, because it causes the body to retain water and instead of slimming it can lead to weight gain.

How to lose stomach fat?

Night regeneration

Another issue that should not be forgotten, and unfortunately often happens, is regeneration. Too little sleep is correlated with high body fat, especially around the abdomen. Lack of sleep or its poor quality leads to a change in circadian rhythm, which results in hormone disorders. When your circadian rhythm is disturbed, your body does not produce enough growth hormone, which stimulates muscle, bone and cartilage growth.


If our nutrition plan is established and stable, and we will follow it thoroughly, you can add abdominal fat burning exercises to your daily routine. Endurance exercises, i.e. cardio training, will be the most appropriate.

To slim down your stomach, you can start running, sign up for your favorite fitness classes, or exercise at home with your favorite trainer or trainer online. Remember that our workout for a slim stomach should last at least 30 minutes.



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