How to style short hair?

Short-cut women often envy long-haired ladies with hair styles that can be styled depending on the mood or occasion. It’s a fact – long strands give you infinitely many styling options, but it’s not said that short hair always has to look the same! How to style short hair?

Why do we cut hair?

One of the main motivations for cutting hair in summer is of course hot. In short hair it is cooler and more comfortable.

What else makes us cut our hair?

  • desire to radically change the look and refresh the image
  • short cuts add thin volume to the hair
  • short blond hair subtract years
  • desire to regenerate and rebuild damaged hair
  • the thought that short hair is easy to style, and everyday styling of a fashionable hairstyle will only take a moment

Frequent washing 

Short hair is greasy faster than long hair. This is due to the smaller surface on which sebum secreted through the scalp can settle. Therefore, to make them look fresh, you need to wash them even every day. A good way to extend their good-looking hair is to use a dry shampoo just after washing your head.

A mandatory conditioner 

A good hair conditioner is the basis, although it often tempts you to skip this stage, because why apply the cosmetic to a few strands of hair. However, without nutrition, your hair will quickly become dry and dull – it will break and split. Their arrangement will also become very difficult.

Add them volume  

For short hair, we usually want the hairstyle to be glamorous throughout the day. Short hair without energy does not look good. Therefore, it is worth using cosmetics that will lift the hair at the roots and give them volume for longer. Foams and sprays containing special substances – such as polymers, are great in this role.

How to style short hair?

Combed back

The first of the proposals, which works great not only on a daily basis, but also in the case of larger exits, are hair combed back. To get this classic look, dry the strands by directing the air stream in the direction of their growth. To give them volume, you can try to reflect them at the base with a hand or a round brush.

With fringe on the side

The second way to style your hair is to comb the bangs aside. This stylization can have two extreme views: polite and girlish, and with a claw. If you care for a delicate and elegant look, dry your hair as usual, by using a brush or your fingers bangs. Subtlety gives it a simple and slightly loose form.

Waves à la 30s

The waves associated with the biggest cinema stars of the 1930s are now classics in a very modern way. How to make them For their styling you will need:

  • hair mousses;
  • comb with densely spaced teeth;
  • paint;
  • hairdressing clips (for fairly long hair).

Dry the strands exactly as you usually do. Then set a parting on the side of the head. Make a fairly large foam mousse on your hand. Soak the comb in it and start to distribute the product on all strands. While the hair is still wet from the mousse, use your index finger and comb to form waves. Make sure that they are as similar as possible.



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