How to make grilled cheese?

Cheese is a great variety to the grill menu. Imagine crispy baguettes, rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil, a fresh salad with aromatic tomatoes and olives, and in the middle of the plate, just removed from the grate, drawn hot cheese … Add a glass of wine. How to make grilled cheese?

Which cheese is suitable for the grill?

Some think that every cheese is suitable for barbecue. There are two possibilities. When we put a slice of greasy treat on the grill, it either dissolves and is found on hot coals, or it is covered with a ruddy crust and after a while it will be ready to serve.

The first group of cheese includes taleggio, mozzarella, blue, emmentaler, cheddar. Most often they are grilled in tortillas, bread, potatoes or on slices of vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini. Staying on the grill is well tolerated by cheeses such as oscypek, camembert, caciocavallo, scamorza and halloumi. Depending on the type of cheese – different methods of grilling are used.

Recipe for grilled camembert


  • Camembert cheese
  • cranberry in a jar
  • honey or date syrup
  • fresh thyme


  • I take the cheese out of the packaging. I put on aluminum foil. I apply a portion of honey and cranberry and prick with a stick. After laying thyme, I prick it in several places from above and place it on the grate.
  • I cover the lid so that the cheese melts at a fairly high temperature. On average, they are ready after 8 minutes.
  • Before removing them from the grill, lightly press them with your finger to see if they are already warm and soft inside.
How to make grilled cheese?

How to grill cheese?

Soft cheeses that melt quickly are best cut into thick slices, wrapped with aluminum foil or grilled on trays. You can also grill them by putting directly on vegetables or bread. Cheese that does not melt can be placed directly on the rack.

Grilling cheese step by step

  • Heat the grill to medium temperature.
  • Put cheese on the wire rack.
  • Grill the cheese for about three minutes on each side, until it is lightly browned outside and soft inside.
  • Serve the cheese warm, immediately after removing it from the grill.

What to eat grilled cheese with?

Cranberry is one of the toppings for grilled cheese. Works best as a companion to Camembert. Onion jam also goes well with the taste of cheese.

Remember! The cheese should be served still hot, then it tastes best and melts in the mouth.



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